A new interdisciplinary campus resource offers students, staff and faculty at The University of New Mexico a central place to learn about copyright-related issues.

The UNM Copyright Resource Guide is a collaborative effort between University Libraries, Information Technologies, University Counsel and Extended Learning. It covers a wide array of basic information regarding fair use, copyrighted material usage, copyright policies at UNM, trademarks and patents, and a myriad of other topics. 

“From research to the classroom, copyright touches all aspects of life at UNM,” said Dave Ferrance, UNM associate university counsel. “The website will help faculty, staff and students learn more about protecting their own work and respecting the copyrights of others.”

In addition to offering general information, the site includes an email link for those who’d like to confer on a copyright question or request an informational session for their group or department. 

“We’ve already worked with some individuals and groups, and are happy to offer additional sessions,“ said Cindy Pierard, director of access services & undergraduate engagement at University Libraries.  

The website is the latest installment of assets aimed at supporting a growing interest on campus: publication and use of Open Access content. Open Access refers to resources that are free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. 

As applied to teaching and learning, Open Access content is commonly referred to as Open Educational Resources or OER for short. Open Educational Resources have a potential to eliminate the cost of textbooks for some courses, lower the total cost of textbooks over the course of a degree, and ensure that students have access to class materials on day one of the class.

“In addition to being a great resource for individuals trying to understand copyright protections, the new copyright resource site is a foundational part of a larger initiative to provide better support for Open Access at UNM,” said Elisha Allen, director of academic technologies & innovation at UNM Core IT Services. 

The website is a one-stop-shop for UNM students, faculty and staff to learn about copyright, fair-use and open access.