This week on New Mexico in Focus, lawmakers head back to the Roundhouse next week, for a Special Session to deal with redistricting. But, there will be some major changes for those wishing to watch the process in person. Host Gene Grant gets more details on the new proof-of-vaccination process and firearms ban.  

The Line opinion panel also weighs in on the changes at the Roundhouse and what lawmakers will do with redistricting, the once-a-decade process of redrawing political boundaries after the latest U.S. Census Count. The panelists also discuss the intersection of religion and politics, after a local church leader apparently endorsed an Albuquerque City Council candidate from the pulpit. Plus, taking a fresh look at controversial place names, thanks to a new order from New Mexico Native and Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.  

A merger between New Mexico’s PNM Resources and Iberdola-owned Avangrid is in the works. It’s a multi-billion-dollar deal that will affect nearly every household in New Mexico. In part 1 of an interview with top executives at both companies, environment reporter Laura Paskus asks, “what’s in it for New Mexicans.”  

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NMiF Segments New Wrinkles in Store for Redistricting Special Legislative Session  

  • Chris Nordstrum, communications director, State Senate Majority 

Exploring The Potentially Historic Merger Between PNM & Avangrid 

  • Laura Paskus


  • Pat Vincent-Collawn, PNM Resources, President and CEO 
  • Pedro Azagra Blázquez, Corporate Development Director, Iberdola 
  • Don Tarry, PNM Resources, Senior Vice President and CFO 

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