The University of New Mexico is set to refine its approaches to tackle three recently named “Grand Challenges” initiatives on Feb. 22 at 9 a.m. in the UNM SUB Ballroom C.

The campus community is invited to help discuss and hone the Grand Challenges as part of the project research and education plans. During this 90 minute interactive event, team leaders for each of the Challenges will present their goals, teams and plans, and will respond to audience questions.

To RSVP for the event, visit Out of the Box. For those unable to attend, this event will also be live-streamed via UNM’s YouTube channel and available thereafter for later viewing.

Out of the Box

The Grand Challenges include:

Substance Use Disorders
Project lead: Brandi Fink, assistant professor, Psychiatry; Katie Witkiewicz, Regents’ Professor, Psychology
The goal of this Challenge is to reduce mortality and substance use disorders including alcohol, opioid and other substance misuse.

Successful Aging
Project lead: Janice Knoefel, professor, Neurology
The goal of this Challenge is to focus on researching and implementing strategies that will improve the quality of life for New Mexico’s senior population, and extending the time that seniors can remain independent.

Sustainable Water Resources
Project lead: Kerry Howe, professor, Civil Engineering
The goal of this Challenge focuses on developing the Rio Grande Watershed as a vibrant and resilient trans-boundary watershed that supports a thriving economy, healthy landscapes and aquatic ecosystems, and vibrant communities.

UNM will also utilize small group discussions to provide additional insights to the teams and the University regarding research suggestions, new partnerships to foster, and methods for leveraging these Challenges to enrich undergraduate and graduate learning at UNM.

New Mexico’s Grand Challenges affect us all. From our smallest communities to our largest cities, from all four corners and every place in between, we all feel the need to develop sustainable water resources, reduce the prevalence of substance use disorders, and ensure high quality of life for our aging friends and family members.

These research projects will leverage partnerships with other researchers, communities and stakeholders around the state to focus each Challenge.

To RSVP for the event, visit Out of the Box.

For more information, visit Grand Challenges.