Nena Villamil, regional coordinator, NM MESA (Math, Engineering Science Achievement), Inc. seeks volunteer judges for two upcoming design competitions -- the Central Inner Region Design and the Central Outer Region Design. The competitions are scheduled on consecutive weekends including Friday, Feb. 10 and Friday, Feb. 17, respectively. Both competitions run from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be held at the UNM Student Union Building. Breakfast refreshments and a complimentary lunch will be served.

The competition for middle school and high school MESA students gives more than 300 youth in the area an opportunity to exercise critical thinking skills, organization and teamwork, as well as demonstrate knowledge in math, engineering and science, in a fun and competitive environment.

"Spending time on the wonderful UNM campus also exposes children from various townships and socioeconomic backgrounds to the potentiality of their own post-secondary education," Villamil said, adding, "Numerous volunteer judges are needed to ensure this event's success."

Centering on the theme of "Natural Disasters," events to be judged are as follows:

• On Site Design Challenge: Bridges (high school and middle school)
• Prepared Design Challenge, high school: Vehicle Transport
• Prepared Design Challenge, middle school: Survival Boat

To volunteer, email Villamil. Provide name, email and phone number, mailing address and preferred event to judge.

"Contact me as soon as possible if you are able to assist us in this year's event and please pass along the invitation to fellow students, co-workers, family and friends. All help is welcome and needed. Thank you for your support and for helping NM MESA ‘Build Tomorrow's Mathematicians, Engineers and Scientists…Today!'" said Villamil.