The New Mexico Department of Health, in partnership with Google, launches NM Notify Tuesday, March 23, to anonymously notify you if you may have been exposed to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, allowing you a timely opportunity to seek medical attention and reduce further threat of exposure. 

The exposure notification system, when activated on a Smart Phone, alerts individuals when they have been exposed to someone who has verified that they are infected with COVID-19. The NM Notify app is completely safe and anonymous, and fully protects users’ privacy. No personal data is collected through the app. The app is in wide use in many states and around the globe. According to Google and Apple data, every two downloads of the app can prevent one infection. 

“This is a powerful tool in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19," said NMDOH Secretary Dr. Tracie Collins. "We strongly encourage the public to activate the NM Notify app on your iPhone or Android phone. In combination with vaccination, testing, and continued COVID-safe practices, this app will help us contain COVID-19 and protect New Mexicans.” 

The app was designed in a first-of-its-kind partnership between Google and Apple. Once downloaded, the app uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with other phones that have activated the app. Then, if one of the users verifies an infection of COVID-19, all users that have been in contact with the infected person within a 14-day period will receive a notification of possible exposure. The app then directs users on next steps to prevent additional spread of COVID-19. 

NM Notify was created with both public health and public trust in mind; it protects all of us without ever collecting, storing, or transmitting any location data or personally identifiable information. NM Notify is a completely voluntary exposure-notification app designed to help you protect yourself and others from COVID-19. For Android users, it’s as easy as downloading an app — and if you’re on an iPhone, it’s as simple as turning on “Exposure Notifications” in your Settings. Check out the latest on how NM Notify works.

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