NMiF checks in on the New Mexico Ethics Commission

This week on New Mexico in Focus, senior producer Matt Grubs sits down with the executive director of the New Mexico Ethics Commission, Jeremy Farris. Decades in the making, the commission began its work in January of this year. The interview is part of the Your NM Government project, a partnership with KUNM radio and the Santa Fe Reporter.

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panel wrapped up their insights into the just-ended legislative session last week, and now move on to what’s next in New Mexico politics: election season. For their second topic, the panel tackles the problem of the hundreds of cases in limbo due to a backlog at the state’s Court of Appeals. Finally, they look at the crisis for people suffering homelessness and question whether New Mexico cities are taking the best approach to address the issue.

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Studio Guests

  • Jeremy Farris, executive director, New Mexico State Ethics Commission

Line Panelists 

  • Diane Denish, former NM lieutenant governor
  • Dan Foley, former state representative   
  • Serge Martinez, professor, UNM School of Law
  • H. Diane Snyder, former state senator


  • Matt Grubs


  • Gene Grant

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