Of the nearly 6,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women reported each year in the U.S., many are never identified. This is due in part to an outdated database. Correspondent Gwyneth Doland talks to UNM professor Heather Edgar, who has been working with Native tribes and experts to find a respectful, high-tech solution.

Wildlife experts believe there were many factors that caused a massive die-off of birds migrating through New Mexico early this autumn. Correspondent Laura Paskus talks with NMSU professor Martha Desmond about why the bird carcasses were severely emaciated and what that might mean for the future.

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panelists weigh good news against bad news in an update on the pandemic’s effect on New Mexico. While COVID-19 vaccines have started to arrive in the state and case numbers have been easing, there’s still the holiday break to get through and hospitals are still overwhelmed. The Line also debates problems with rural broadband and looks at the state’s U.S. Supreme Court victory in a water battle with Texas. 

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In Focus Interviews

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Gwyneth Doland

Heather Edgar, forensic anthropologist and associate professor of anthropology, University of New Mexico

Avian Mortality

Laura Paskus

Martha Desmond, professor, New Mexico State University's Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation

The Line Opinion Panel    
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima 
Dede Feldman, former state senator  
Serge Martinez, professor, UNM School of Law 
Laura Sanchez, attorney  

Gene Grant 

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