On this week’s episode of New Mexico in Focus, the show continues a series of profiles of Native voters focusing on issues important to Native Americans and their communities.

This week, “The Environment.” Antonia Gonzales takes us to the Navajo Nation to hear from young voters who are taking a lead in their communities to protect the environment.

NMiF will continue their series “Elections 2016: Voting for Future Generations,” this week, focusing on issues that affect the Native American communities. The show provides a series of profiles of Native voters, discussing topics such as education, economic development, environment (2 parts), and justice.

Additionally, NMiF host Gene Grant and the Line panelists discuss the hung jury verdict in the trial of two APD officers who were charged in the shooting death of James Boyd in the foothills of Albuquerque in 2014.

The Line also talks about the latest national political news and the outcome of the special legislative session.

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  • Justice Judith Nakamura (R) – NM Supreme Court candidate
  • Judge Michael Vigil (D) – NM Supreme Court candidate


  • Merritt Allen, Vox Optima LLC
  • Russell Contreras, reporter, Associated Press reporter
  • Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
  • Christine Sierra, retired UNM political science professor


  • Gwyneth Doland
  • Antonia Gonzales


  • Gene Grant

The producer of NMiF is Sarah Gustavus and Kathy Wimmer, associate producer. NM PBS Public Affairs executive producer is Kevin McDonald. Funding for NMiF is provided in part by the McCune Charitable Foundation.

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