New Mexico in Focus will take a look at the economic impact of medical cannabis in New Mexico’s rural communities in this week’s latest report for “Small Towns, Big Change.” In the report, Producer Sarah Gustavus looks into the potential impact of legalizing recreational marijuana in New Mexico.

This week, NMiF host Gene Grant will sit down with officials from the Village of Los Lunas to talk about how their small town attracted a big player and what the new Facebook data center will mean for economic development in New Mexico.

Also, this week’s episode will include a discussion from the Line opinion panel about the aftermath of the 2016 elections and the national and local politics affecting New Mexicans.

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Studio Guests
Ralph Mims, economic development manager, Village of Los Lunas
Gregory Martin, Los Lunas village administrator
Jill Sweeney, bond attorney, Village of Los Lunas

Gene Grant

The producer of NMiF is Sarah Gustavus with Kathy Wimmer, associate producer Kathy Wimmer. Funding for the show is provided in part by the McCune Charitable Foundation.

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