This week, New Mexico in Focus looks at the health problems associated with e-cigarettes. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned against vaping, especially by children, teens and other vulnerable parts of the population.

Senior producer Matt Grubs interviews public health consultant Shelley Mann-Lev and Dr. Shawn Sidhu, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who runs the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center fellowship program in child psychiatry. Grubs continues the conversation on vaping as he sits down with David Tompkins, manager for community health initiatives with the New Mexico Department of Health.

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panel discuss the abundance of lawsuits filed by Carlsbad Medical Center against its patients – an aggressive practice highlighted by The New York Times. The Line panelists also debate new medical cannabis guidelines and rulings affecting public schools and out-of-state patients. The Line also marks the passing of former New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Charles Daniels, as the panelists reflect on his legacy.

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Studio Guests
Shelley Mann-Lev, public health consultant
Dr. Shawn Sidhu, UNM child and adolescent psychiatrist
David Tompkins, New Mexico Department of Health.

Line Panelists
Julie Ann Grimm, editor, Santa Fe Reporter      
Dede Feldman, former state senator
H. Diane Snyder, former state senator
Edmund E. Perea, attorney

Matt Grubs, NMiF Senior Producer

Gene Grant   

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