This week on New Mexico in Focus, producer Sarah Gustavus leads a discussion about discipline of students with disabilities or special health needs. Matthew Bernstein, an attorney with Pegasus Legal Services for Children, and Alvino Sandoval, program manager for EPICS, share their professional knowledge about the legal rights and challenges that families face navigating the needs of their children in schools. The needs of working families are a key area of focus for NMIF’s 2016 election coverage. 

This week, correspondent Stan Wilson sits down with Pamela Herndon, executive director of the Southwest Women's Law Center, to talk about equal pay initiaties at the state and national level. 

Host Gene Grant also leads a discussion with the Line panelists on the Department of Justice’s decision to stop using private prisons for federal inmates, and what the implications might be for state prisons. The Line also discusses Governor Martinez’s announcement that she will pursue reinstating the death penalty during the 2017 legislative session.

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