New Mexico in Focus

New Mexico in Focus revisits the death of Albuquerque attorney Mary Han. The response by the APD to Han’s unattended death is among the highest profile incidents to cast a shadow on the conduct and integrity of the APD, as well as the leadership of Mayor Richard J. Berry.

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Also this week, a look at the new revelations regarding Arizona companies brought in by the State of New Mexico last year to take over behavioral health providers accused of fraud; the latest on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP); and a discussion on the ongoing crisis at the border with the surge of children and families from Central America.

* Thomas Grover, attorney and former APD officer
* Rosario Vega Lynn, attorney for family of Mary Han
* Brian McCutcheon, retired lieutenant, Albuquerque Police Department
* R. David Pederson, general counsel, New Mexico Attorney General’s Office

Line Panelists:
* Dede Feldman, former state senator
* Trip Jennings, New Mexico in Depth
* Sophie Martin, attorney
*  Rob Nikolewski, New Mexico Watchdog

* Floyd Vasquez 

* Gene Grant

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