This week on New Mexico in Focus, as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta opens this month, the National Transportation Safety Board continues to investigate a fatal balloon crash in Albuquerque last June. NMiF speaks with the founder of balloon tour company Rainbow Ryders, Scott Appelman, about what changes he’d like to see and why some balloon companies choose to monitor their pilots more stringently than federal regulations require. 

Correspondent Russell Contreras (also the race and justice reporter for Axios) speaks with recent “Genius Grant” winner, MacArthur Fellow Monica Muñoz Martinez. The educator and public historian was awarded the prestigious fellowship earlier this week for her work to address racial injustice, particularly anti-Mexican violence in border territories. 

Former state senator (and regular panelist on The Line) Dede Feldman just published her latest book about what politicians learn about New Mexico during campaigns. Correspondent Gwyneth Doland talks to Feldman about the book “Ten More Doors.” 
The Line opinion panel looks at the race for mayor in Albuquerque, where Tim Keller and his two challengers faced off in two forums this week. The group also looks at the sudden lack of educational achievement data as lawmakers begin to figure out the next budget – some $3 billion – for the state’s public school system. 

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NMiF Segments
Ballooning Safety 
Matt Grubs, NMiF senior producer 

Scott Appelman, founder, Rainbow Ryders 

Ten More Doors 
Gwyneth Doland 

Dede Feldman, author and former state senator 
Race, Justice and Border History 
Russell Contreras 

Monica Muñoz Martinez, MacArthur Fellow 

The Line opinion panel 
Michael Bird, public health expert 
Dan Foley, former NM House minority whip 
Laura Sanchez, attorney 

Gene Grant 

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