This week on New Mexico in Focus, senior producer Matt Grubs speaks with Dr. David Scrase, who is part of the team coordinating New Mexico’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A geriatrician who now leads the Human Services Department, Scrase talks about the state’s testing capacity, how it impacts the spread of the novel coronavirus, and how the health care system is preparing for a spike in cases.

Correspondent Megan Kamerick talks with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence about how victims can deal with and escape abuse as New Mexico enters into more weeks of stay-at-home orders.

As the nation’s economy reels from the COVID-19 crisis, the Environmental Protection Agency has rolled back regulations, allowing for greater pollution. The surprise announcement came last week. Correspondent Laura Paskus talks about the changes with Sec. James Kenney of the New Mexico Environment Department.

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panel discuss local government’s actions, including closing public schools through the end of this term to slow the spread of the current virus pandemic. The group also looks at how parents are educating kids while they’re at home, including NMPBS’ partnership with APS – “APS @ Home” – which will start broadcasting K-5 lessons on channel 5.1 from 8 a.m. to noon. Lessons begin April 6. They also talk about the effects of COVID-19 prevention on businesses statewide. 


COVID-19 – NM Human Services Department

  • Correspondent: Matt Grubs
  • Guest: Sec. David Scrase, MD, New Mexico Human Services Department

Domestic Violence During COVID-19 Isolation

  • Correspondent: Megan Kamerick
  • Guest: Pam Wiseman, director, New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Guest: Gwyn Kaitis, policy coordinator, New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence

EPA Rolls Back Regulations

  • Correspondent: Laura Paskus
  • Guest: Sec. James Kenney, New Mexico Environment Department

The Line Opinion Panel

  • Giovanna Rossi, president, Collective Action Strategies
  • Laura Sanchez, attorney
  • Kristelle Siarza, Siarza Social Digital 


  • Gene Grant

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