This week on New Mexico in Focus, host Gene Grant talks with Heath Haussamen of about the year’s 30-day legislative session and a bill that would allow greater secrecy for Spaceport America. Haussamen, who published an investigative series about the spaceport last year, discusses that bill and other transparency issues in state government.

Women are speaking up, in New Mexico and around the country, about sexual harassment at work. Are men in power doing enough to address these issues, particularly in the roundhouse? Two women who have publicly shared how men have treated them in their work in campaigns and the legislature join Gene Grant to address this issue.

Additionally, Gene and the Line opinion panelists also look at the problem of “in-house parole,” where corrections officials hold inmates in prison for all or part of their parole terms.  They also debate lawmakers’ plans to disperse the almost $300 million in “new money” in the state’s budget this year, and examine a proposal to revamp the selection process for university regents. 


Vanessa Alarid, Alarid Consulting, LLC

Heather Brewer, HB Strategies

Heath Haussamen,


Dan Foley, former House minority whip

Mary Hudetz, reporter, Associated Press

Sophie Martin, attorney

H. Diane Snyder, former state senator


Gene Grant