This week on New Mexico in Focus, as the nation’s wildlands burn with increasing intensity, fires are taking a bigger toll on the men and women who battle them. Long considered seasonal workers, many firefighters don’t have full-time benefits and make surprisingly low wages. Environmental producer Laura Paskus speaks with firefighters about their challenges and about possible solutions. 

Growing Forward podcast co-hosts Megan Kamerick and Andy Lyman talk to three members of the state’s cannabis regulation advisory board about efforts to provide equitable business opportunities as the state rolls out its new recreational cannabis laws. 

The Line opinion panel examines three key developments for policing in Albuquerque and the rest of the state. The group also debates a pay plan for teacher’s assistants and early childhood educators, as well as the latest pandemic news. 

New Mexico in Focus airs on NMPBS 5.1 (KNME HD) Friday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 19 at 7 a.m.   

NMiF Segments

Wildland Firefighters 

Laura Paskus 

Marcus Cornwell, federal wildland firefighter 
Jonathon Golden, former wildland firefighter 
Kelly Martin, president, Grassroots Wildland Firefighters    

Advising Cannabis Regulators 
Megan Kamerick, Growing Forward podcast co-host 
Andy Lyman, Growing Forward podcast co-host 

Dr. Steve Jenison, physician & former NM medical marijuana board chairman 
Emily Kaltenbach, Drug Policy Alliance 

The Line opinion panel 
Dede Feldman, former state senator 
Dan McKay, political reporter, Albuquerque Journal 
Kristelle Siarza, owner & CEO, Siarza Social Digital 

Gene Grant 

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