This week on New Mexico in Focus, producer Matt Grubs talks to a panel of journalists about public access to government. As politicians increasingly pick which media outlets will have access—or choose to bypass the media as much as possible—what’s the impact on the public? The group also discusses access to public data and how to make the best use out of the information the government gathers on behalf of its citizens.

On Earth Day, NMiF photojournalist Robert McDermott traveled to Santa Fe, where a landlocked, life-sized blue whale made out of recycled plastic highlights the toll humans are exacting on the planet’s oceans.

Host Gene Grant and the Line explore goings-on at the New Mexico/Mexico border, including the arrest of a militia leader whose group is accused for unlawfully detaining migrants. The Line opinion panelists also look at the promise PNM has made to be carbon-free five years earlier than required, and the problems some schools face with changes to the Public Education Department’s expanded K-5 Plus program.

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Marisa Demarco, reporter, KUNM
Laura Paskus, environmental journalist, NM Political Report
Jeff Proctor, investigative reporter, New Mexico in Depth
John Roby, data journalist,

Matt Grubs
Robert McDermott

Line Panelists
Adrian Carver, executive director, Equality New Mexico
Dan Foley, former NM House minority whip
Stephanie Maez, executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico
Kristelle Siarza, CEO, Siarza Social Digital

Gene Grant

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