This week, New Mexico in Focus takes a behind the scenes look at the Albuquerque stop of Antiques Roadshow. The latest season of the program kicks off next Monday, Sept. 28 – Oct. 12 in Albuquerque. Gene Grant sits down in studio with series executive producer Marsha Bemko and appraiser James Supp.

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The Line opinion panelists will debate the latest news stories around the state. Among them, Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s not guilty plea on charges she faces related to the use of campaign funds.

Also on NMiF, New Mexico state representative Antonio "Moe" Maestas has acknowledged that he failed to report over $11,000 in campaign contributions last year. Should more steps be taken to hold elected officials accountable when it comes to filing campaign finance reports?

Finally, The Line discusses allegations that the city of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department are not sharing information about reforms with members of the Police Oversight Board, as well as Governor Susana Martinez's newly released energy plan for the state. 

Marsha Bemko, executive producer of Antiques Roadshow
James Supp, appraiser

Line Panelists
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima, LLC
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Eric Griego, former New Mexico state senator
Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of

Gwyneth Doland

Gene Grant

The producer of New Mexico in Focus is Sarah Gustavus, along with Kathy Wimmer, associate producer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation Communications Fund and Santa Fe Community Foundation.

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