You may have seen a slew of celebrities give the world a closer look at their lives off the big screen, in Vogue’s 73 Questions series. While it’s not Zendaya, Zac Efron, or Selena Gomez, UNM Communications is taking the fun to a local UNM celebrity. 

Meet Patrick Burk, longtime public servant and UNM Police Department Officer. You may have run into the sergeant on the Swing Shift, (the name of the shift has nothing to do with swing dancing.) or when he’s filling in during the day or night. Now, we’re going along for the ride. Sgt. Burk is inviting someone to not only ride along,  but to pelt him with under 73 questions (but there’s still quite a few!) Learn about the department, the calls it receives, and the biggest issues facing campus. You’ll also find out the sergeant’s go to jams, favorite things to do, and if he’s on board with getting a superpower or two.

Maybe you’ll get your questions answered. Maybe you’ll have even more. Maybe you’ll just have to watch and see if the person behind the camera is able to get out of a police car without falling. 

About UNM’s Campus Safety Series:

The goal of the series (Campus Safety: Lobos Come First) is to educate the UNM community regarding current and ongoing campus safety initiatives, crime-related issues and concerns, and ways to protect yourself and your property as well as the utilization of various campus resources in an effort to enhance campus safety for one and all. One note to keep in mind as the series progresses - "If you see something, say something!" If you have any comments or story suggestions for the series, please email


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