The University of New Mexico Office of Sustainability recently debuted its newly-redesigned website. The revamped site offers an improved user interface providing quick access to stats and accomplishments related to the ongoing sustainability activities at the University.

Established in 2010, the Office of Sustainability works to enhance awareness of efficient energy usage, connect stakeholders, and invest in collective efforts to increase sustainability on campus.

Sustain Website FM

“UNM staff have focused on energy and water conservation for decades due to the limited financial and physical resources of New Mexico, and in the 1990s we began to use the term ‘sustainability’ to describe these efforts. We redesigned the Sustainability website in hopes of highlighting the work and to educate the UNM community about our challenges and successes,” said Sustainability Manager Mary Clark.

One of the key stakeholders and partners in sustainability at UNM has been Lobo Energy, Inc. (LEI). Since 2008, LEI has been assisting campus building occupants with energy conservation in their workplaces by conducting energy audits, encouraging energy saving behaviors, and tracking usage and reporting results to UNM leadership.

“I think the new website highlights the accomplishments of the continuous sustainability activity at UNM. There have been success stories for years all around campus, but most people don’t hear about them. The new site sheds light on the some of those successes, and will hopefully be able to host sustainability achievements from all departments,” said LEI Vice President Matthew Cherrin.

The new site outlines a myriad of campus activities led by the Office of Sustainability, LEI, Facilities Management (FM), student groups, and the Sustainability Studies Program. Users can also access educational content to help them better understand the focus and speak the language of sustainability at UNM.

“Sustainability at UNM truly is a collaborative effort and there is no one office or department that can manage it all. While the activities are widespread, we’re excited to showcase the partnerships and achievements in one place, and hopefully it will help expand the conversation on campus,” said FM Director Alfred Sena.

The website reboot was a joint project of the Office of Sustainability, LEI, and Facilities Management, with design work provided by University Web Communication Services.