President Frank's Weekly Perspective

Good morning.

This week marks the last of the spring semester. For many of our students, the time has come to finish a thesis, a project or a paper, take that last exam, and perhaps do a final nostalgic stroll around the Duck Pond.

For all of you who are graduating this week, congratulations! I mean that most sincerely. I remember my UNM graduations – and, each time, that feeling that it had all been worth it. It is a moment of great pride for you, your family and friends who have supported you in your educational pursuits, and for all of us at UNM. Whether you are an advanced degree candidate or an undergraduate member of the class of 2013, you are graduating from a distinctive university: distinguished in specific disciplines, but also incredibly broad; engaged with new ideas; culturally connected; home of the Lobos; and the flagship university for the state New Mexico.

I cannot help but join in the excitement of our newest graduates, who have demonstrated outstanding academic growth and achievement, and will be moving forward on their journeys to become contributing global citizens. Each of you has your own unique story and reason for pursing higher education through your various degrees. As you venture into the work world or perhaps higher levels of academia, you may ponder what lies ahead and reflect upon what has passed so quickly over the last few years.

Please know that all of us here at UNM will be here to help and support you as much as we can. Additionally, our UNM Alumni Association is here to help you stay in touch with all the friends you have made. We will be thinking of you - and always be here when you want to return for a visit or perhaps another degree. We are honored to count you among the more than 155,000-strong active UNM Lobo Alumni!

My only regret for this graduation week is that I cannot be there to join you. My youngest son, Brian, is also graduating from Kent State, where I was Provost. Janet and I will be attending his commencement, joining your families in the pride of this hard- and well-earned milestone that we have watched progress from freshman through senior year. However, I am available to you via email for any thoughts or questions you may have, and if I cannot answer them myself, I will put you in touch with someone who can. This means your alumni support network begins right now, with me, at I would also encourage all of you share your experiences and insights with future Lobos, reaching out to the young people you may know who are considering UNM. There is no better source of inspiration than you who have benefited from and share a passion for UNM.

My special thanks to our outstanding faculty and dedicated staff, who have challenged our students to be courageous, dedicated and innovative, and to leave their mark on the world. For those students who will be returning, and to those who will join me in working here throughout the summer, thank you for your tireless efforts during the semester and I look forward to seeing you over the next few months or upon your return in the fall.

Congratulations once again to the class of 2013, have a great week, a wonderful summer and, as always, Go Lobos!