The UNM Office of the University Secretary, on behalf of the Honorary Degree Committee, a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Graduate & Professional Committee charged with the solicitation of nominations for honorary degree recipients, seeks nominations for its 2024 honorary degree recipients.

Strong candidates will be eminent individuals and scholars whose contributions are of general significance and transcend geographical limitations. Nominations of individuals who have contributed significantly to the cultural or scientific development of the Southwest or to the spiritual or material welfare of its people are especially welcome.

A successful nominee must have an exemplary record of academic or public accomplishment in keeping with the University’s standards of rigor, quality, and significance. Honorary degrees are awarded at spring commencement. Nominators should submit a letter stating in sufficient detail the reasons for the nomination including biographical information, a record of accomplishment, and supporting letters.

Because the Honorary Degree Committee must choose among illustrious nominees, please provide as complete a nomination as possible. If a nominee is proposed by a person, department, or college representing a discipline other than that of the nominee (e.g., Music nominates a poet), the Committee will consult with the appropriate faculty before making a recommendation. 

Nominations should be sent to the Office of the University Secretary, Scholes Hall, Room 103 or no later than Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023.

For a list of past honorary degree recipients, visit Honorary Degree recipients.