This week on New Mexico in Focus, State Sen. John Arthur Smith and Allen Sanchez of St. Joseph Community Health, square off over funding for early childhood education and the best way to fund it.

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The panel convenes to discuss Rick May's tenure in Gov. Susana Martinez administration. May, who once occupied the top budget post in the Martinez administration, was fired from his job as CEO of the New Mexico Finance Authority last year after a fraudulent audit surfaced. Now he's pushing back against what he feels was a plan to gut the agency in favor of commercial lenders.

The group also looks at the allegations of self-censorship by an East Coast PBS affiliate in its treatment of a documentary critical of conservative billionaire and former WNET board member David Koch.

The Line explores the implications of Santa Fe's attempt to limit high-capacity ammunition magazines for guns in the city.

• State Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming
• Allen Sanchez, president & CEO, St. Joseph Community Health

Line Panelists
• Marisa Demarco, co-founder, New Mexico Compass
• Jamie Estrada, vice president, Agenda Public Relations
• Laura Sanchez, CEO, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce
• Whitney Waite, The Waite Company Public Relations

• Megan Kamerick

• Gene Grant

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