The Provost's Committee for Staff (PCS) and the Provost's Committee for Advising (PCA) have announced the recipients of this year's outstanding staff, faculty and work group award winners.

The winners of the PCS outstanding staff awards include: Emmett Martinez, PPD Lock Shop; Lourdes McKenna, Computer Science; and Heather Paulsen, Biology. The work group award winner is the Career Services Career Development Facilitators including Autumn Collins, Caitlin Henke, Cassandra Chavez, Richard Ross and Heather VerBrugge.

The winners of the PCA outstanding faculty and staff awards are: Nicole Bingham, Pharmacy Deans Office, Outstanding New Advisor; Sarah Nezzer, University College, Advising Innovation; Elizabeth Rowe, Architecture and Planning, Staff Excellence in Advising; and Tariq Khraishi from Engineering, Faculty Excellence in Advising.

The winners will be honored at a ceremony on Friday, April 12 at 3 p.m. in the Science and Math Learning Center auditorium.