The University of New Mexico Parking and Transportation Services Department (PATS) is working with UNM Police to provide expanded patrols and vehicle monitoring for those members of the UNM community who have to park at South Lot next to University Stadium.  These efforts are focused on deterring vehicle break-ins and vandalism throughout South Lot.

PATS staff would like to remind people parking at UNM's South Lot that two important things they can do to deter break-ins and thefts include:

  1. Protecting your valuables.  Even if you are only spending a few minutes at Main Campus, it is enough time for someone to break into your vehicle, grab your possessions and run for it.  By double-checking your doors and windows are locked, and keeping any valuable items out of sight, you're vehicle starts to become less attractive to criminals.

  2. Report any suspicious activity to UNM Police at 277-2241.  Keeping an eye out for each other as a community will also reduce the likelihood of vandalism and theft in South Lot. Please don't hesitate to report any suspicious activity if you see it.

By working together we can help deter vehicle break-ins and vandalism and improve safety throughout South Lot.

If you have any questions about the new security initiative please contact Brian Kilburn at 277-5692.

Media Contact: Benson Hendrix, 505-277-1816; e-mail: