Popejoy Hall recently announced the second season of “Broadway for Teens,” an education and outreach program committed to excellence in the arts for New Mexico’s teens. This season, students from Title I public high schools from across New Mexico are invited to experience Disney’s THE LION KING which will play Popejoy Hall from Wednesday, Oct. 18 to Sunday, Nov. 5.

“We are delighted to host Broadway for Teens attending from New Mexico’s Title I schools. The enrichment in seeing this level of performance is amazing. I remember when I saw my first touring Broadway show,” said Fabianna Borghese, Popejoy Hall Director. “We anticipate hosting 40 students from up to five high schools for a performance of Disney’s THE LION KING on October 19.” Schools must apply through the application process outlined below.

Goals for “Broadway for Teens” include:

  • Provide New Mexico’s youth with a personal experience at a top tier performing arts theater and exposure to a flagship university campus.
  • Expand inclusivity at Popejoy by introducing a young and diverse audience to Broadway’s most remarkable shows.
  • Foster a love and appreciation for the performing arts in the next generation.
  • Enhance the cultural life and global awareness of teens, particularly those living in rural communities across New Mexico.

Application Process:

To attend the event at Popejoy Hall, the chosen schools should have the means to arrange transportation for a maximum of 40 students and chaperones.

 To be considered, interested parties must submit a letter of interest. This letter must be written by a high school student enrolled in a Title I public high school in New Mexico, and it should be endorsed by both a teacher and a school administrator. The student's letter should not exceed one page or 500 words. The application may be found here. For more information visit popejoypresents.com/broadwayforteens

Application Deadline: The completed application deadline by email or post is 5 p.m. on August 31, 2023.