Now is the perfect time to plan a visit to the UNM Art Museum. With all three galleries open, you can immerse yourself in a diverse range of artwork from our collection, highlighting the remarkable breadth that UNMAM has to offer. Over the past few weeks, UNMAM staff made a few exciting changes in the galleries and are eagerly preparing for even bigger transformations coming this fall.

In the Clinton Adams Gallery, a selection of new artworks was recently unveiled in Tradition and Transformation and launched a virtual version of the exhibition. Meanwhile, Pelton & Jonson: The Transcendent 1930s opened in the Raymond Jonson Gallery, highlighting the close personal and professional relationship between painters Agnes Pelton and Raymond Jonson. UNMAM staff are thrilled to share the paintings, keepsakes, and correspondence in commemoration of their enduring friendship and legacy.

Time is running out to catch the current iteration of Hindsight Insight 2.0: Portraits, Landscapes, and Abstraction from the UNM Art Museum. As the first rotation of the ongoing series enters its final days on view, UNMAM staff encourage you to experience how artist, faculty, and student collaborators gave new life to pieces from the collection through innovative dialogue and curatorial practicesHindsight Insight 2.0 will temporarily close at the end of the month and return in the fall with a fresh group of collaborators and artwork. The last chance to view the current version of the exhibition will be Saturday, July 29.

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