There are approximately 200 employees at the Physical Plant Department (PPD) who drive around campus on a daily basis. Driving at The University of New Mexico can be challenging with thousands of pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders zig-zagging along miles of walkways. The PPD Safety Committee wanted to address this issue by creating a video to remind the campus community to be safe on the road.

The PPD Safety Committee worked with Adan Garcia, temporary faculty and operations manager at UNM’s Communication & Journalism Department, as well as UNM student, Benjamin Yazza, who produced the video.

“We want to start making short videos because we think they would be an asset to UNM PPD employees, as well as UNM staff, faculty, students and visitors,” said Athena Salazar, PPD administrative assistant and member of the PPD Safety Committee. 

The PPD Safety Committee hopes that the video information will stick with employees and make them think twice before doing something unsafe. Work injuries have an effect on the injured, but also impacts others as well.

Salazar explains, “My thoughts and feelings are that stories sticks with us and have the power to change safety cultures. We must keep reminding each other of safe practices and procedures with the hope that we never forget that hazards are real.”