Spring Break is a great time for the Physical Plant Department (PPD) Grounds & Landscaping division to work on outdoor projects. With reduced pedestrian traffic on campus, PPD will be able to repair handrails and concrete without impacting the students’ ability to easily get around campus.  

These projects begin on Monday, March 13, and will be completed before students return on March 20.

  1. Northwest side of the Art building - remove asphalt and install concrete
  2. North side of Ortega Hall - remove brick and install concrete
  3. Northeast of CTLB - remove and replace concrete to improve drainage in the area
  4. Relocate bollards Northeast of Zimmerman Library
  5. Sidewalk repairs on the north side of Parish Library
  6. Brick repairs at the Yale and Central campus entrance
  7. Handrail modifications at the west entrance of the Art building
  8. Handrail modifications on the west side of Dane Smith Hall
  9. Remove pavers north of the Anthropology building and install concrete slab

PPD requests that these areas be avoided during spring break and to seek alternative routes to ensure a safe work-site for passersby and workers.

If you have questions about these projects, contact Willie West at 505.277.0615 or email, wwest@unm.edu or Juan Garcia at 505.277.3272 or email, jbgarcia@unm.edu.