The Physical Plant Department (PPD) has announced the annual Outstanding Manager Award which was developed to appreciate and recognize the qualities of excellence, leadership and customer service in PPD managers. Anyone at The University of New Mexico can nominate a PPD manager for this award.

All PPD managers, associate directors and the director are eligible to receive the award if they meet the following criteria: successful completion of probation or trial period, regular staff, .50 FTE and above, most recent performance evaluation rating was successful overall, is in good standing and has no pending or documented disciplinary actions within the last twelve months. A manager is someone who is at a grade higher than their supervisors, supervises staff and manages a budget.

To be eligible for this recognition and award, a manager must provide excellent customer service, be an asset to their unit, have made a significant contribution to the success of their work group and/or have promoted a positive work environment for their staff.

The winner will be announced in April 2017 and their name will be added to a permanent plaque that will reside in the Service Building (204). They will also receive a smaller plaque to keep in recognition of their outstanding leadership at PPD.

Nominations will be accepted until March 31. The forms can be found on the homepage of the PPD website