The University of New Mexico’s Building Coordinators can find themselves wearing many hats. They can be facilities managers or department administrators who juggle the throes of the academic semester, but are also responsible for the space in which their departments function. Their role at the University is vital for providing support to the academic mission and protecting university assets all at the same time.

The Physical Plant Department’s (PPD) Building Coordinator Meeting is held three times a year to support this unique university group with information about the physical space on campus, how to maintain and protect it, safety issues, communication, and information sharing regarding topics specific to universities and their operations.

PPD will be hosting the next Building Coordinator Meeting on Wednesday, June 29th from 9-10:30 am. It will be located in the Anthropology Building room 163. Topics will include information about the summer construction project at the Student Residence Centers (SRCs), a new texting feature available for the UNM community to submit concerns to PPD, University Communications & Marketing (UCAM) will present about the branding initiative and how Building Coordinators can positively affect and interact with UNM’s brand, and a recap of a recent water concerns at the UNM Children’s Campus.

PPD is excited and motivated to engage this community and to provide the needed resources to aid in the success of the UNM campus.

For more information on this meeting, please contact Rachel Stone at 277-7831 or email at