Fundamental to UNM's mission as the state's flagship university is the initiation and support of innovative problem-solving strategies to improve the quality of life in New Mexico's communities. New Mexico's natural resources, geography, culture, and native industry afford UNM unique research and educational opportunities, and many of the historically strong programs at UNM correspond to the state's distinct attributes. Through the cultivation of University-community partnerships, we are committed to responding to the changing needs of our communities, state and world by sharing our expertise, knowledge, resources and discoveries.

Innovate ABQ: A Highly-Connected Community
Universities have become the forefront of the knowledge economy. Research generated innovations are the backbone of economic development, creating knowledge jobs which in turn generate traditional jobs. Innovate ABQ is a shared effort to create an innovation initiative with the city, county, state and private partners. This project will integrate UNM's educational and research capacity into community efforts to build a high-tech economy in Albuquerque and Central New Mexico. UNM will be involved in building a high-tech economy that creates knowledge-based jobs, and in engaging our community in raising the economic profile of the state. Under my leadership, STC's economic development team will represent UNM in economic developments outside of UNM as well as being the point of contact for internal UNM activities related to economic development. We are working with at team to finalize our program, which will lead to the selection of a site.

UNM @ Mesa del Sol
Mesa del Sol is a true public-private partnership, having been developed in conjunction with partners that include the University of New Mexico and the New Mexico State Land Office, and the support of the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and the State of New Mexico. UNM has been part of Mesa del Sol since its inception in 2006, and as a tenant, we have certainly benefited from its growth. Our exceptional Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media (IFDM) program, which has a location at Mesa del Sol, has been built on successful partnerships with academic, industry and community partners. Last week I joined Mike Daley, the new CEO of Mesa del Sol, when he announced that UNM employees wanting to live at Mesa del Sol who contract to purchase a home at the planned community will receive a $5,000 incentive if they purchase by Sept. 2, 2013. I toured the model homes and they look great!

"The Lobo Experience:" UNM's Next Institutional Spot
Last Monday, Janet and I had the pleasure of joining six of our talented students as they premiered the new UNM institutional spot they created this semester. This ad will be shown on TV during athletic events over the course of the next year. The spot shows a Lobo transitioning into students performing the many extraordinary things they do, from athletics to the arts and health care. What distinguishes this spot among so many other institutions' spots is that this team filmed a live wolf, Zoerro, to emphasize the ferocity and pride that our Lobos share. Much like this beautiful wild animal, our students, staff and faculty carry themselves with dignity, representing this university and how the Lobo experience can better a person. It is truly remarkable to see the professional level of work that our students can produce. I commend University Communication and Marketing on the success of their internship program, and these students who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them. I encourage everyone to learn more about the internship, the students, and the new UNM ad.

Have a great week and Go Lobos!