The Provost Committee for Staff at The University of New Mexico hosts “Meet, Greet & Give,” the week of March 20-24 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the University Club.

“Meet, Greet & Give” is an event designed to meet and greet members of the Provost Committee for Staff and to learn about PCS initiatives and how staff can get involved.

“The Provost Committee for Staff is hosting a “Meet, Greet, & Give” event not only to support Lobo Food Pantry, but to give staff members across campus an opportunity to meet current members and learn how they, too, can get involved,” said Lisa Hahn, program coordinator. “We are hopeful that this event will help in recruiting new members from underrepresented spaces across campus.”

The goals of this week-long event include: recruitment of new members from units not currently represented on the PCS; members and their leadership/peers in departments to meet and greet current members, and learn what PCS does and how they can get involved; to spread the word about nominations for Outstanding Staff & Workgroup Awards opening up later this month; and lastly, to collect non-perishable food donations to contribute toward UNM’s Lobo Pantry.

As part of the event, attendees can enjoy lunch at the University Club for only $7.95 with a canned food donation. If you’re interested in attending, but don’t have time for lunch, drop off a canned food item and receive a free entry for a raffle that will be held on Friday, March 24. Raffle prizes include Lobo Louie Bobble Heads and a pre-loaded Lobo Card.

The Provost Committee for Staff was founded in 1989 and is comprised of staff members in areas of the university that report to the Provost. The committee was created to assist the Provost in providing opportunities for staff development, recognition and service.

Members of this committee represent staff on issues that affect staff, disseminating information, and carrying out activities regarding staff development and recognition. Committee meetings are once per month.

“The Provost Committee for Staff (PCS) is run by staff, for staff,” said Hahn. “Our primary goal is to acknowledge the dedication of UNM's staff members by providing scholarships and awards. We are currently developing new initiatives that will highlight staff contributions and accomplishments throughout the year.”  

For more information, visit Provost Committee for Staff.