UNM’s Provost’s Committee for Advising honors two academic advising staff in their role as advisors for their extraordinary contributions to students. UNM students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to nominate advisors for consideration. The nomination deadline is Friday, April 28.

The Provost's Committee for Advising works to enhance advising practices University-wide for the betterment of the student user, and to provide advisors with more opportunities to develop and grow within their profession.

Advising must be the primary role of a staff member’s duties. Current full-time UNM staff advisors may be nominated. Great advising services must be recognized.

The two awards include:

  • Excellence in Advising Award
  • Outstanding New Advisor Award

The winners will be announced during the Spring 2017 Institute on May 17, and will receive a cash award of $500 and a plaque. One Staff award will be given within each of the award categories.

"A large part of helping students succeed is the advice they are given in establishing their degree plans," said acting Provost Craig White. "Advisors play a critical role in this process. They make sure that students are registered for the right courses, that they're aware of program requirements and important dates, and that they're meeting all of the requirements on the way toward their degree. A good advisor has the powerful ability to shrink a giant, complex university down to a manageable size, something a student can successfully navigate." 

Nominators must complete a complete online nomination packet. All materials are submitted online which includes a nomination form and a letters of nomination.

The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding academic advisor. Such evidence may include:

  • Staff whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to students.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Availability to advisees or staff
  • Caring, helpful attitude toward advisees and staff
  • Advising that builds strong relationships with advisees
  • Ability to engage in, promote, and support different advising theories and methods
  • Participation in advisor development programs. (Ex: UNM Advisor Institutes and Advisor Network Meetings)
  • Perception of colleagues and/or students of nominee's advising skills

The mission of Advisement at the University of New Mexico is to provide student-centered support and services that include collaborative strategies that empowers students to excel in their academic and professional aspirations as well as provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training that foster responsibility for their academic success.

Click here to visit the PCA Awards form. Any questions can be directed to the Office of University Advisement.