The UNM Department of Psychology will host a colloquium titled, "Status of Research on Forgiveness in Applied Clinical and Basic Research Settings: Bird's Eye View," by Everett Worthington, Jr. on Friday, Jan. 21 from 12 to 1 p.m. in room 101 in Sara Reynolds Hall.

Worthington, a distinguished researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University and prolific author, has written 20 books, including "Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Theory and Application," and edited five others, including "Spiritually Oriented Interventions for Counseling and Psychotherapy," which will be released by the American Psychological Association this March. He has also authored more than 200 articles and chapters including over 70 pertaining to forgiveness and reconciliation.

A former chair of the Department of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth, Worthington also previously served as the executive director of "A Campaign for Forgiveness Research," co-chaired by Desmond Tutu, Robert Coles and Ruby Bridges Hall. The campaign funded 46 research projects on forgiveness.