Geoffrey Chaucer penned the phrase “All good things must come to an end” in his poem Troilus and Criseyde. This is an idiom that embodies the mood at the Physical Plant Department after R. Gary Smith, interim director of PPD, announced his retirement. Smith has been employed at The University of New Mexico for over 21 years, and will leave behind a legacy of distinction and expertise PPD and the University have benefitted from for decades. 

Smith began the Integrated Pest Management program in 1995 which is a program that thrives today keeping pests at bay at UNM. He was the associate director for PPD Environmental Services for over 16 years, which included a dual role as grounds manager for 10 of those years and six years with a dual role of AD for PPD Maintenance as well.

Smith spearheaded initiatives such as the UNM Water Safety Program in 2013 which was enacted for the prevention of injury and diseases associated with building water systems. He was appointed in 2015 to the prestigious position as a voting member of the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) Joint Committee for the Prevention of Injury and Disease.

Smith will leave the University on Jan. 31, 2017.