The University of New Mexico Board of Regents have approved President David J. Schmidly's goals and work plan for FY 2010 – 2011.  Giving the work plan a green light, Regents President Raymond Sanchez said the Board was pleased with the President's performance and felt he had addressed their particular concerns about campus climate fully and with careful thought in his planning.

Sanchez said, "We have ultimate confidence in President Schmidly.  He is the right person in the right job at the right time for the University of New Mexico."

The President's Work Plan for FY11 as well as Key Dashboard Indicators of Progress can be found under "Current Items" on the President's website. Also posted are Schmidly's comments and a PowerPoint presentation made to the Regents during their regular meeting.

Schmidly outlined several areas of focus that encompass his goals for the year.  Priority will be given budget considerations, as the university has already lost more than $26 million in state funding.  The threat of still more budget cuts in the FY 2012 budget could mean an overall loss in state funding approaching $40 million.

"Going forward, we must find ways to focus on the academic mission as our top priority but with fewer resources," said Schmidly.

A performance audit of UNM and NMSU is scheduled to be released by the Legislative Finance Committee at its hearings in Taos August 11-13.  Schmidly said several of his goals mirror the recommendations found in that audit, most notably the need to improve graduation rates and to incentivize performance.

Schmidly's third focus is on greater understanding of and adherence to shared governance, and he pledged to "always leave my door open to constructive dialogue."

Dwindling state support and increasing enrollments make the need for raising private funds more crucial than ever.  So the upcoming comprehensive campaign to be directed by the UNM Foundation is also a major area of focus.

Finally, Schmidly made note of his medical concerns, but stated his firm belief that his health would have no impact on him carrying out his duties as outlined.  He thanked everyone for their support and well wishes.

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