The UNM community is invited to take part in an international education program and competition that introduces students to the intersections of biotechnology, art and design.

From the environmental crisis, to the pandemic, to the acceleration of biotechnology, we’re in a period where biology is driving massive change. To tackle and understand these issues, Biodesign Challenge is shaping the first generation of biodesigners. The Biodesign Challenge (BDC) is a nonprofit competition and education program where high school and university students collaborate with artists, designers and biologists to envision the future of biotechnology.

In 2021 students from across the globe will present their projects to leading thinkers in academia, industry, art and design before an online audience of more than 5,000. Teams compete for prizes, including the coveted grand prize—the Glass Microbe. In previous years the BDC Summit took place at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Early registration closes Sept. 1. Learn more and register here.

UNM Fine Arts student Ashleigh Abbott was a finalist in the 2020 BDC, presenting her project on Brillo the Giant Snail at the virtual summit. Click here to read more about the giant golden snail and how it’s spreading joy throughout the Albuquerque metro.

Spreading joy and hope to Albuquerque