A historic class at the University of New Mexico is coming back.

The Communication and Journalism Department (C&J) is offering its one-of-a-kind Cannabis and Communication course this spring.

After two successful semesters prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Mexico, the course has been redesigned to reflect that change, by including health as a key focal point.

Award-winning health scholar and professor Tamar Ginossar is taking the reins in public health communication and this class.

Tamar Ginossar

She says the additional focus on health will reflect the use of cannabis medicinally and recreationally, as well as what healthcare providers need to know when communicating with patients about the product.

“It can be a good fit for anyone who is interested in cannabis, as well as students who are interested in health. ” Ginossar said. 

The class will take a fact-based approach, and include plenty of guest speakers, like cannabis growers, physicians and scientists.

Students will also conduct social scientific research, and analyze media (from news to film) and social media of cannabis as a concept, as well as current stigmas against it. There will also be a focus on environmental issues when it comes to the cannabis industry.

Ginossar says the return of this program could not have been done without the support of her colleagues.

“I had great support from my department, including my previous chairperson Dr. David Weiss–who was also a guest speaker–and my current chair, Dr. Ilia Rodriguez,” she said. “We’ve had excellent guest speakers from the industry and beyond including Drs. Gill Woodall, Chris Duvall, David Hanson, Robert Rhyne.”

Cannabis, Communication, and Health (CRN 58613) is open to those considering working in cannabis-related fields, pre-health students, and anyone else interested in diving into the role of research and communication when it comes to cannabis.

This class will be from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on Mondays. Registration for spring classes can be done at My UNM.

Anyone with questions on this class or related topics should contact Tamar Ginossar.