If we treat landscapes and rivers with a sense of respect and reciprocity, what do we learn? And how do we then treat ecosystems and human communities differently? That's what we consider on this special episode of "Our Land"  

NMiF airs on NMPBS 5.1 (KNME HD) on Friday, May 24 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May 26 at 7 a.m., and streaming on the PBS video app.     


  • Julia Bernal, Executive Director, Pueblo Action Alliance 
  • Martha Cooper, Freshwater Director, The Nature Conservancy   
  • Joe Saenz, Chihe´ne (Warm Springs Apache)  
  • Lawrence A. Montoya, Former Governor, Pueblo of Santa Ana 
  • Ruben Lujan, Former Lt. Governor, Pueblo of Santa Ana 
  • Glenn Harper, Range and Wildlife Division Manager, Pueblo of Santa Ana 
  • Julian Garcia, Pueblo of Santa Ana   
  • Nathan Garcia, Former Governor, Pueblo of Santa Ana   
  • Thomas Armijo, Cultural Resource Technician, Pueblo of Santa Ana   
  • Dillion Eustace, Wildlife Technician, Pueblo of Santa Ana   
  • Dan Ginter, Range Program Manager, Pueblo of Santa Ana   
  • Monica Murrell, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Pueblo of Santa Ana    
  • Jim Hirsch, NM Department of Transportation 
  • Mark Watson, NM Department of Game and Fish 

Laura Paskus 

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