The group known for delivering high-fives, generating community and rallying family-oriented running enthusiasm throughout New Mexico is back for another round. 

Running Medicine kicks off its fall season Saturday, Aug. 24 at UNM North Golf Course at 8 a.m. This semester the program’s theme is “Fun + Fitness + Family + Culture = Running Medicine” and organizers expect more than 500 participants.

Running Medicine (RM) is gaining momentum locally and nationally for its community-oriented practices. Earlier this month, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced RM as was one of nine finalists for its prestigious Sports Award, which recognizes programs using innovative ways to incorporate sports as an avenue to community health improvement. Along similar lines, RM received a national AmeriCorps award as “Best New Program” in 2017. The national recognitions are encouraging the already thriving Running Medicine groups as they launch their fall season events.

“The opening ceremony is a big thing for us. We expect more than 200 people, including some special guests and traditional Native culture,” said Dewayne Carl, RM youth program director. We want people to celebrate life and the chance to improve our health this fall.”

Running Medicine began in 2016 as a program of the Native Health Initiative, a love-grounded non-profit organization. RM believes that movement is medicine for mind, body and spirit and has a vision of created a culture of wellness through walking and running.

All are welcome to join Running Medicine, which holds meetings Downtown and Westside/Rio Rancho meet-ups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Registration is $15, visit the Running Medicine website for schedules and to learn more.