Safe Campus, the National Campus Safety Summit has announced that UNM'sUniversity Communication and Marketing, and Dean of Students Office, has been named to the Safe Campus 2016 Top 25 List. The departments were recognized for their accomplishments in improving university campus safety this past year.

"They've proven an outstanding dedication to improving the safety of their students, faculty, staff, and visitors," Linda Shaw, Safe Campus director said. 

This year’s Top 25 List was chosen out of 4,706 eligible U.S. college or university administrative departments. Each administrative department was nominated based on its efforts and improvements in campus safety for the student body in that school.

The Safe Campus Board of Advisors selected the winner of the top 25 by highest vote. This Board is made up of various senior-level higher education administrators.

Safe Campus’ mission is to improve the overall safety and security of U.S. college and university students.

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