The Department of Safety and Risk Services at the University of New Mexico has developed two collaborative committees to help ensure that risk concerns within the university system are heard and addressed.

The Loss Prevention and Control Committee, mandated by the LPCC Program Rule contained in NMAC 1.6.4., meets quarterly with the intention of ardently identifying risk exposures around UNM. The meeting serves as an avenue for each member of the committee to share their knowledge and concerns about risks around campus with SRS.

SRS recently formed and staffs the SRS Insurance Committee. The SRS Insurance Committee meets quarterly to identify risk exposures and choose an appropriate response to protect UNM. It is comprised of staff and faculty across the university.

Claims Specialist Miguel Delgado presented at the Fall 2015 meeting on Sexual Misconduct Liability Coverage in order to shield UNM against large-scale sexual abuse claims that are becoming increasingly widespread at colleges and universities across America.

One of the most significant departmental events of 2015 was an audit conducted by the State’s Risk Management Division pursuant to the Loss Prevention and Control NMAC provisions. SRS assisted in gathering and preparing all required documentation for UNM, UNMH, and SRMC. All three agencies passed the audit with a score of 96 percent.

SRS prepares and presents a Quarterly Claims Analysis to upper management and to the members of the LPCC that provides a comprehensive review of all first and third party claims. It also documents all workers’ compensation claims filed by SRS on behalf of UNM employees. This is a key tool for identifying potential systematic issues so that they may be improved upon.

SRS also provides ergonomic evaluations performed by a certified ergonomic assessment specialist. These evaluations help to rectify discomfort at employee workstations and decrease the frequency and severity of repetitive motion workers’ compensation claims. The program ensures that UNM can provide a safe and healthful workplace for employees.

The Risk Management staff at SRS aim to provide the highest quality of service to the UNM community in order to support the university in its core mission of being New Mexico’s flagship institution of higher learning. SRS welcomes all members of the university community to reach out with any questions or concerns.

If you would like to file a claim or request an ergonomic evaluation, contact SRS at (505) 277-2753 or visit them online.