The dean of the School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) has announced the upcoming round of Regents’ Professorship and Regents’ Lectureship. Kuppu Iyengar was named as the Regents’ Professorship, while Caroline Scruggs was named Regents’ Lecturer.

Every three years, SAP selects  one Regents’ Professor and one Regents’ Lecturer, both of which are prestigious honors. The pool of self-nominations are reviewed and chosen by the SAP dean and leadership team.

“These educators were chosen for their devotion to their students, their ability to facilitate learning, and their dedication to their fields,” said Geraldine Forbes Isais, dean of SAP. “The awards highlight why we are such a successful architecture and planning school: outstanding faculty.”


Regents’ Professorship 2018/19 – 2020/21

Kuppu Iyengar | Architecture Department 

Kuppu Iyengar is a professor with the Architecture Department. He earned a diploma in Civil Engineering from the School of Engineering in Bangalore, India, a bachelor's degree in civil and structural engineering from The Institution of Engineers, Calcutta, India, and a master's of architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles. Iyengar has devoted more than 40 years of service in his academic and professional careers to the study of sustainability and energy efficiency. He authored “Sustainable Architectural Design-An Overview,” published in 2015 by Routledge, and plans to publish another book soon titled “Architectural Structures."


Regents’ Lectureship 2018/19 – 2020/21

Caroline Scruggs | Community & Regional Planning

Associate Professor Caroline Scruggs holds a doctorate in environment and resources from Stanford University, and a Master of Science in environmental engineering and Bachelor of Science – both from Virginia Tech. Scruggs’ research focuses on “the human right to clean water and the right of humans and wildlife to not have their bodies and environments contaminated by hazardous chemicals.”