The University Libraries’ Indigenous Nations Library Program (INLP) is launching the Michael and Enokena Olson Memorial Scholarship, established to support Native American students at UNM. INLP is using this scholarship to offset the cost of attending UNM, focusing on the most vulnerable Native American students. The deadline for applications is Nov. 28.

Non-traditional students—transfer students, parent students, returning students and graduate students—are the most susceptible to withdrawing from UNM due to financial hardships. This memorial scholarship fund will help alleviate the cost of college and create a supportive atmosphere for the students allowing them to focus on their education.

INLP will be offering four $250 awards per academic year. Two will be given for fall semester and two for spring semester. Each awardee will be asked to give a presentation on the impact of this award upon their academic progress.

The Indigenous Nations Library Program is part of the University Libraries system. The program focuses on outreach programming to Native American/Indigenous communities who receive a customized introduction to University Libraries’ resources and services.

The group also supports UNM Native American student retention by teaching skills that will help students to use and critically evaluate information resources effectively. They offer classroom or one-on-one instruction and purchase books and other materials to supplement Native American/Indigenous courses at UNM.

For more details on the scholarship submission process and an application form, visit the UNm Libraries website or contact Kevin Brown at