UNM School of Public Administration professor Haley Kadish was recently awarded an Emerging Leaders Award of Excellence from the Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP). 

Kadish holds an Master of Public Administration from The John Glenn School of Public Affairs in Ohio and currently works as the Performance and Innovation Officer for the City of Albuquerque. As an adjunct faculty member at UNM’s School of Public Administration (SPA), Kadish teaches the Capstone course. This final course challenges students to use the skills learned throughout the program to assist local municipalities overcome challenges. 

“Haley brings a lot of real-world experience to the classroom, which was so beneficial to me as a student,” said Nancy Gonzales, a 2021 SPA graduate and Community Development Director for Valencia County. “She empowered students to grow by creating a safe place for us to test ideas while guiding and supporting us to ensure we were helpful to our ‘clients’ — local government entities who we made invaluable connections with.”

As the inaugural Performance and Innovation Officer for the City of Albuquerque (CABQ), Kadish improves City operations and outcomes by drawing upon her experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining CABQ, Haley spent five years improving local governments throughout the country as a management consultant.

Through recognition by CAP, the Emerging Leaders Award of Excellence provides an early or mid- career boost to individuals like Kadish who are actively implementing performance management systems, innovating new practices, and promoting the importance of performance and accountability within their governments and communities. 

As part of the recognitionEmerging Leader award recipients are invited to develop a case study or panel presentation about their organization’s performance management practices to present at the annual ASPA Conference. Each recipient will also receive a formal Award of Excellence plaque of recognition. 

Emerging Leaders can be self-nominated or be nominated by others and will be chosen by a subcommittee of current CAP Board members. This year’s Emerging Leaders Awards will result in 29 recipients just seven years from the Award’s inception.