The campus community at The University of New Mexico takes pride in the spaces of learning, work and play. College of Fine Arts (CFA) Senior Grants and Contracts Officer Elizabeth Nocella has been taking care of a small courtyard planted in the middle of the Center for the Arts building with her own time, money and love.

When CFA Dean Kymberly Pinder asked for the courtyard to be better looked-after and used, rather than a space left for only light to travel through, Nocella stepped up to the plate.

She has since adorned the courtyard with personal care and inviting elements, bringing in several plants, flowers and planters, enhancing the trees that were already present.

Nocella’s care and attention and the change of season have increased the use of the central, arts-oriented space.

The CFA invites the community to stop in and take a look – welcoming all to spend some time in this carefully nurtured, well-loved courtyard.