With registration right around the corner, it’s time for staff to start thinking about what classes they want to take during the summer and fall.

At The University of New Mexico, staff has the opportunity to register for classes before registration is opened up to other students. While staff do not have the opportunity to interact in person with faculty advisors at the annual Staff-as-Students event, the opportunity for early registration is still available to staff.

Beginning on March 30, staff may send an email to Dept_Update-L@list.unm.edu to request that Records and Registration configure their account to enable Early Registration. The email must be sent using their UNM email. The email must include the staff member’s full name, UNM ID, and confirmation if registering for the summer term, fall term or both. When the request has been completed, confirmation will be approved by reply to the sender.

Early registration access becomes available at 11:30 a.m. on April 6 and will end at midnight on April 13.

If a staffer wants to participate in early registration, but has not yet been admitted or require a readmit, they can contact deborahk@unm.edu to receive a waiver of application beginning on April 6. Staff who have holds preventing registration will need to clear those before they will be able to register.