At its business meeting on April 15, the UNM Staff Council ratified results of last month’s election of councilors representing the 30 precincts.  Approximately 20 percent of UNM staff members voted in the election.  In one precinct, a technical problem is forcing voters to recast their ballots. Results for that precinct should be available next week.

The Staff Council is composed of a total of 60 members; 30 precinct representatives, elected in even numbered years and 30 grade representatives, elected in odd numbered years. There are vacancies in five of the 30 precincts.

A list of newly and or re-elected representatives is listed below.

Precinct 1 Representative: Joanne Kuestner (re-elected)
Precinct 2 Representative: Ana Parra Lombard
Precinct 3 Representative: Marjorie Crow (re-elected)
Precinct 4 Representative: VACANT
Precinct 5 Representative: Joseph M. Lane
Precinct 6 Representative: Natalie Willoughby
Precinct 7 Representative: Lisa Gilmore (re-elected)
Precinct 8 Representative: Gina Urias-Sandoval (re-elected)
Precinct 9 Representative: Jennifer Lee Trujillo
Precinct 10 Representative: VACANT
Precinct 11 Representative: Danielle Gilliam (re-elected)
Precinct 12 Representative: Sarah Kieltyka
Precinct 13 Representative: Renee Delgado-Riley (re-elected)
Precinct 14 Representative: Cynthia Mason
Precinct 15 Representative: Marcos Abeyta (re-elected)
Precinct 16 Representative: Election Results Under Review
Precinct 17 Representative: Mary Clark (re-elected)
Precinct 18 Representative: Elmo Riggs (re-elected)
Precinct 19 Representative: Jodi Perry
Precinct 20 Representative: Amanda Bassett
Precinct 21 Representative: VACANT
Precinct 22 Representative: Danelle Callan (re-elected)
Precinct 23 Representative: Dina Estrada
Precinct 24 Representative: Joni Roberts (re-elected)
Precinct 25 Representative: VACANT
Precinct 26 Representative: Carla Sakiestewa (re-elected)
Precinct 27 Representative: VACANT
Precinct 28 Representative: James DeeWayne Patton
Precinct 29 Representative: Daisy Rosero
Precinct 30 Representative: Patricia O’Connor

At the May business meeting, officers for the Staff Council will be elected, forming its executive committee for the 2014-2015 year.  The Executive Committee is composed of the president, president elect, speaker, treasurer, two grade at large representatives, two precinct at large representatives and two ex-officio, non-voting members; the past president and the administrative officer. Voting members serve a one-year term and the chair of the committee is the staff council president.

UNM Provost Chaouki Abdallah asked to speak to the Council and delivered a sober warning about UNM’s changing economic environment. He told councilors that the university faced a political environment where many voices say higher education is wasteful and that the state legislature could not be counted on to provide salary increases in coming years.

Abdallah said the UNM regents have asked for a 4 or 5 year plan for running the university, something which will require a reassessment of all aspects of the institution.