UNM Staff Council members finished out the year in a celebratory mood, awarding tokens of appreciation and brainstorming ideas at their final business meeting of the year. 

“This is a time to honor each of you for what outstanding work you have done this year and the support you’ve brought to our institution through your day-to-day jobs, staff council participation and other committees and commitments,” said Rob Burford, president of Staff Council. 

2018 Staff Council Star Awards

  • Nancy Shane
  • Christine Heinemeyer
  • Armando Bustamante
  • Lorena Blanco Silva
  • Jesus Chavez
  • Joe Lane
  • Brooke Cholka
  • Cameron Goble
  • Angela Beauchamp
  • Lorena Giese
  • Skooter McGrooder Briggs the Therapy Dog
  • Cindy Mason
  • Amie Ortiz
  • Autumn Collins
  • Brian Vineyard
  • Celeste Cole
  • Amy Hawkins
  • Gina Urias-Sandoval
  • Nicole Lovato
  • Cynthia Gonzalez

While councilors enjoyed a beautiful display from UNM Food, Interim Provost Rich Wood addressed the crowd. He focused on four main points: the UNM redesign, the enrollment task force, compensation and transitions happening in New Mexico. 

“UNM isn’t UNM without you, the staff, and Staff Council,” Wood said.

Wood says the UNM Redesign was on hold while President Garnett S. Stokes got situated but is now being reassessed. He says many ideas have been brought forward and soon those ideas will be brought forward to shared governance entities. 

He outlined the work of the enrollment task force, and how integral staff members are in creating an experience for students. Wood also spoke of the dip in enrollment rates and eluded to the task force coming up with ideas to address those in the coming year.

Finally, the interim provost spoke of the lack of compensation for staff over the last decade and his optimism that the upcoming legislative session might bring about change. He explained the legislative landscape in regard to incoming regents and the new administration in Santa Fe, and how the oil and gas sector in New Mexico could soon bring economic relief to the state and UNM.

The meeting wrapped up with Burford handing out the Staff Council Staff Hero Award to Tracey Briggs, Employee Wellness Supervisor. He also honored outstanding 20 staff members from across campus with Staff Council Star Awards for their contributions and leadership at UNM. 

The meeting wrapped up with a special presentation on generational differences from Jenna Crabb, director of Career Services. 

Staff Council will resume meeting following winter break. The next meeting will be Jan. 15 from 1-3 p.m. in SUB Lobo A and B.